Rainey's Pup

Rainey x Patrick Henry 2018 Litter

Rainey's pedigree

Patrick Henry's pedigree

Pup's pedigree

Rainey is a wonderful mom. 2nd litter gave us 8 puppies, 3 boys (all sables) and 5 girls (1 tri & 4 sables). Good birth weights from 13.8 oz down to 6.8 oz. Thanks to my birthing crew of Katrina Warsick, Rene Coutu & MaryAnn Campbell as we pulled another all nighter!

We used Fenugreek again this time and Rainey's milk is in. They certainly move around a lot!

These guys continue to grow like weeds. At one week we have 5 over 1# and the rest are close to that. They are starting to wark around the whelping box.

Quick update - Eyes opened on day 12 and they started to hear around day 12-13. February 11 - these guys are growing like weeds. Most well over 3#, as big as 5.7#! They are eating out of separate bowls and eating a combination of softened mushed up and softened whole kibble with a bit of cereal & formula. They love being out on the patio except when it gets too hot. Check back for more pictures and updates.