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Rainey x Ponyboy 2017 Litter

Rainey's pedigree

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Pup's pedigree

Rainey did awesome for her first time being a mom. 9 puppies, 5 boys (1 tri & 4 sables) and 4 girls (all sables). Good birth weights from 11.6 oz down to 6.0 oz. Thanks to my birthing crew of Katrina Warsick, Rene Coutu & MaryAnn Campbell as we pulled an all nighter!

Days 2 & 3 - Pups are doing great, gaining weight, I believe Rainey's milk is in. We used Fenugreek this time and it worked great. They certainly move around a lot!

These guys continue to grow like weeds. At one week we have 4 of the 5 boys over a pound and the rest (girls and boy) close to that. They are starting to lurch around the whelping box.

I apologize for any sideways pictures, I can never figure how to get them the proper way on this webserver.

Quick update - 2 weeks old, all over a pound and 1 boy over 2#. Eyes opened on day 14 and they started to hear around day 12-13. Some fun pictures in honor of Valentine's Day for you to enjoy.