Claire's Pups

Claire's 2009 Pups

Congratulations to all the new moms & dads who now have a new addition to their families.

Thank you for making one of Claire's pups a member of your family.

We have done a repeat breeding of Windsong Sweet Dreams (Claire) and Ch. Sylvan's Above And Beyond (Dawson) and have 6 beautiful good size girls born July 23. There are 2 tri colored and 4 blue merles. All are doing great. The pups pedigree can be seen here. Also here are some pictures of their first day. Puppy pictures can be difficult to take as they are either bobbing their heads back and forth while nursing or they are moving some part of themselves. Hopefully I can get better ones for you to enjoy in a few days.

The pups did very well last night, although they are very vocal! They are hungry and letting us all know. Even though Claire's milk was not in yet, they all gained weight from their birth weight which is great. Here's a picture of a contented but tired mom with her 6 puppies (although you probably can't see them all, they are piled on top of each other).

Claire's milk finally came in. She's a bit slow in that area! But with supplemental feedings the pups are gaining weight nicely.

Twelve days old and we are all doing well. We have doubled our birth weight and although we don't do much except eat and sleep you have to love how cute we are doing it.

Our eyes have opened! We are doing much better at walking around the whelping box (although sometimes we look like we've been drinking more than mom's milk), making it a challenge for our mom to walk in and lay down so we can eat We are also starting to play with each other.

Oh my, we may not be the neatest eaters, but you have to give us points for the most enthusiastic. Our first solid meal on August 10th.

We are getting bigger and bigger every day. We are now able to get in and out of our whelping box when we want and sometimes are found outside of it in the morning. As you can see we are eating very well, so much in fact we just fall asleep where we ate.

Not much happening except we continue to grow and play like the pups we are. We are just about ready to go out on the patio, so we'll have to share time out there with Dovey's pups. Here's a couple of pictures of us - one is watching our 2 legged mom on Facebook and boy don't you wish you could fall asleep just about anywhere like that one on the side of the whelping box?

We were introduced to the patio a couple of days ago and although it's hot out there we like it. We've also been moved into a bigger room inside so we can get more exercise. Our first time outdoors was a blast and we're now allowed to play with Dovey's pups who are older than us.