Claire's Pups

Claire's Pups

Our expected puppies from Windsong Sweet Dreams (Claire) and Ch. Sylvan's Above And Beyond (Dawson) arrived on October 11, 2008. Claire gave birth to 2 tri bitches, 2 blue merle bitches and 2 blue merle dogs.

Day 1 Day 3

Day 5 - everyone is doing extremely well, nursing and gaining weight and sleeping. Claire is a fantastic mom and looks after her babies continually.

Day 5

Day 8 - everyone continues to gain weight, most at a rate of 70% above their birth weight. A couple are already over a pound. They are moving around the whelping box a lot more. Claire is continually checking to see where they are - they sometimes end up behind her, safely tucked under the security rails. It got chilly last night so when Claire was out of the box going potty, they tucked themselves around this fleece blanket.

Day 8

Day 10 - Boy are we gaining weight. All of us have doubled our birth weight. Although we still stumble around a bit, we are moving around the whelping box a lot, hiding behind mom and sometimes even up on top of her. She continues to be a good mom, searching for us when we disappear. We still sleep a lot too as is evident in the pictures of these 2.

Day 10

Day 11 - Although we still sleep a lot, we are starting to walk a bit better every day. This one pup found it's way on top of Claire, not sure how, but I got the picture just as she woke up and proceeded to slide down. They are also starting to play a bit even though their eyes are not open yet.

Day 11

Day 13 - we are walking a lot better, our eyes aren't open just yet but should be any day now. Mom is still eating her meals in the whelping box and we are curious about the smell. Almost looks like we want to share!

Can I have some mom!?

Day 15 - We can hear now, some of our eyes are opened, and our walking abilities are getting better & better. We can scale tall buildings in a single leap - okay maybe not buildings but certainly mom's back! After all the walking and climbing it's nap time again.

Day 15

Day 18 - what an exciting day. Everyone's eyes are open and because we keep trying to eat moms meals, Gail decided it was time for us to get our own food. As you can see we loved our baby cereal. Really more got in us, than on us, although it doesn't look like that in the picture.

Day 18

3 Weeks Old - it's hard to believe that we're 3 weeks old already. We are starting to get teeth - sorry mom! We are moving around the whelping box at great speeds. We are now on paper during the day instead of sheets - our human mom said it's time to learn to potty on paper! We are eating our cereal, meat combination twice a day and loving it although some of us are more gluttons than others! Here's a couple of pictures of us running around on our new paper. Soon we'll be giving the freedom of the whole room.

3 Weeks Old

One Month Old - sorry there hasn't been an update for a few days, but it was a busy weekend with visitors & a dog show. Here is a picture with our friend Nancy.

Everyone is doing great! Most are between 3 & 3-1/2 lbs. Starting to wean out the baby cereal so they are eating more Innova Puppy food which is still softened. We had them out on the patio for several hours today (October 10) and although a bit timid at first soon started playing.

Also got a couple of pictures of the whole gang on the edge of the whelping box (although I cut a bit of one of the tris out)

In attempting to get one good picture of them doing this, captured 2 of the blue girls, one of them seeming to say "could so" with her tongue stuck out.

And finally, because I cut the one tri out, was able to capture this picture of them playing with one of the numerous baby toys they have. This one tri was shaking the little puppy and attracted the other tri who wanted to play.

5-1/2 Weeks - the kids continue to grow like weeds, eating everything they are given - and some things they are not! It's amazing you can spend lots on toys, but the old fashioned papertowel roll gets top points all the time.

This is Maui playing with it

They spend a lot of time on the patio and actually slept out there for 2 nights until the weather turned nasty and cold (for Florida). They continue to learn things, like jumping off the ledge in the whelping box, trying to pull the protective towels that are wrapped around the exercise pens, and playing with each other. Enjoy these pictures.

Emma & Fica Fica playing with the newspaper

Amy, Fica & Sara Sara

Maui, Fica, Sara & Emma are the names their new parents have chosen for them. Amy & Adam (not pictured here) are names we have chosen until they have new homes to go to and their new parents choose their names.

Sorry for the small size of some of these pictures, but if I hold the camera at their level they immediately attack it!

6 Weeks - actually one day short of six weeks, but what an exciting day! We got to go outside in the backyard and play on the lawn for the first time. And we did great, we weren't afraid at all. We ran after each other, after our mom, after leaves flying in the wind. We got to meet the other big dogs. Unfortunately the camera batteries died before too many pictures had been taken but enjoy these.

7 Weeks - our human mom says "sorry" for not updating more often, but with the holiday and visitors, it's been busy. We have been having so much fun, we are outside in the backyard most of the day, and sleep on the patio at night. We learned how to climb up and down stairs - and did so the first time - we are so smart. We went for our first car ride December 1st and although we were plenty noisy on the outbound trip, we were quiet on the way home. And most important we had no messes and none of us were sick! Here are some pictures of us practicing the stairs.

8 Weeks - exciting day today, we got groomed up, had a collar put on for the first time, and briefly walked on a leash. Here we are all prettied up.

Fica Adam Amy

Emma Maui Sara

9 Weeks - well 2 of our litter have gone to their new homes. We miss them, but I'm sure they miss us more because they have been a part of a huge group for 8 weeks.

Fica & her new friend. And Maui with some of his new family

The rest of us are still running around teh backyard like crazy. We now have our ears in training, don't we look cute! Here's a picture of 3 of us together (Amy was off playing). So here's a picture of her by herself.

Happy New Year - well another baby went home to her new home. Sara - now called Emma went to North Carolina. Here is a couple of pictures of her all settled in and trying to convince Max the cat that she is now the head of the household!