Phoenix's Pups

Phoenix's Pups

Our expected puppies from our Creston's Sylvan Phoenix Rising (Phoenix) and Ch. Sylvan's Command Performance (Josh) arrived on January 2, 2008. Phoenix gave birth to 2 bitches and 3 dogs, 1 blue merle dog and 4 tris (2 dogs and 2 bitches). All are doing well.

Day 11 - The pups are starting to get more active, attempting to stand on all 4 legs and actually walk. A day or so more and they will really be mobile. All continue to gain weight as Phoenix has lots of milk. Phoenix is a bit more comfortable now that we have allowed the room temperature to be lowered.

Day 12 - not much change from yesterday. I just couldn't resist these 2 pictures. The boys are getting HUGE so thought they deserved a picture of their own. All the pups were sleeping after a big feeding this morning and curled themselves into what looked like letters. Reminded me of the aerial views of sporting games!

Day 19 - what changes have occurred over the past week. Their eyes are open, they had their first solid food on Day 18. I think they had more on themselves than in themselves. Phoenix appreciates the messy faces as she gets to clean them up. They are starting to vocalize and play with each other. They had some special friends visit this past weekend. Nancy is pictured with one of the tri girls.

Day 23 - well we are just over 3 weeks old and a lot of changes are going on, the biggest is that we have TEETH! Sharp little teeth that our mom really doesn't like. We try to be gentle when nursing but it's still like a feeding frenzy. We are walking, playing with each other, barking at each other and because we are teething we are also chewing on each other, or parts of our whelping box, even our mom! We are very fussy today because our teeth are hurting. We are all around 4 lbs. so we are getting lots of food both from our mom and our human mom. We do enjoy our baby cereal!

Day 28 - we are starting to escape from our whelping box so it won't be long before we start to explore these new areas. We are now eating 3 times a day as mom is starting to wean us - probably because we have sharp little teeth, but more likely because we are getting so big that she can't keep up with our demands. Three of us are over 5 lbs. and the other 2 are close.

Almost 5 weeks - we are nearly 5 weeks old and mom has just about weaned us. She makes us eat while she is standing up because our sharp teeth hurt too much when she is laying down. We are eating puppy food 3 times a day - that's baby cereal, Innova Puppy Kibble, Innova Canned Puppy and some goat's milk mixed with yoghurt. Yum yum! We clean our plate so there is nothing left to share with mom. We are all over 5 lbs. now and have the run of our room at all times. Mom doesn't sleep with us at night anymore. We moved out to the patio today (Feb. 5). Took us a bit to appreciate being outside in the fresh air. It was a new experience for us.

Feb. 8 - we are all nearly 6 lbs. and are obviously eating well! We love being outside on the patio and stay there all day until it is time for bed. Got groomed last night and introduced to "cookies" (individual pieces of our normal kibble). Nothing like early show training!

6 Weeks Old - finally we got to go outside on the lawn and what a time we had. We met the adult collies including our dad. Ran mom ragged. Afterwards, back on the patio, we were so exhausted we flopped on our favorite toy.

8 Weeks Old and Going to New Homes - 3 of us have already left to go to our new homes. Bentley is living in Dallas, TX. He earned his "wings" by flying with Gail to his new home. Casey left to live with a lovely family who have 2 young children in Winter Springs, FL. They reported that he slept through the night on the first night home. Sophia has gone to live with her new family who also have 2 young children in Oviedo, FL. Oviedo & Winter Springs is quite close so perhaps Casey & Sophia will see each other.

Our pick of the litter is now available for sale. We have a beautiful tri boy who is available to a pet or companion home.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4

Can I have some Mom? Nancy & a tri girl

Solid food at last, but still nursing also.

Hi there! Sleeping with my toy. Nap time!

Let us out of here! Play time.

Standing room only!

It's a pillow, it's a toy, it's Rolex's fox!

In our new outside digs! All groomed & showing off.

Outside playing. All tuckered out.

Casey at his new home.

This is Casey who at 7 months takes his lifeguard job very seriously.

Bentley at his new home.

Sophia at her new home.

Misty is going to Ohio and we look forward to seeing her in the show ring in the future.

Orian is living with us and preparing for his show career.