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Jo-C and Evan's 2011 Litter

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Pup's pedigree

What a great Christmas gift - 9 beautiful pups from Jo-C & Evan. 4 males and 5 females, 1 sable boy and 3 blue merle boys, 1 tri girl, 2 sable girls and 2 blue merle girls.

Day 4 and everyone is gaining weight as Jo-C's milk has come in and all are good eaters. The biggest, we are calling him Joseph for now, has gained the most going from 13.0 oz. at birth to 18.4 oz.

Day 7 - the pups are a week old and are going great. Pretty much everyone is over a pound now. Joseph of course is the biggest at 26 oz., having doubled his birth weight. Day 12 - all have doubled their weight and more. Some are trying to walk. Newest pictures posted first.

Sorry not many updates. These 9 are keeping us hopping and now that Haley has given birth, it's even busier. We transitioned Jo-C's over to newspaper (in place of sheets & towels) and they are doing great. Introduced their first toy. It's known as "Rolex's fox" and has a deep history to it. Like all my pups, these took to it in a flash! They are loving the freedom in the new room, having figured out how to climb out of the whelping box especially if mom is outside it and they want to nurse. Probably will start them on solids on Monday.

Everyone has been on solids for a week and are doing fabulous. They each have their own personalities, playing or play fighting with each other. Weights range from 3 lbs. to over 4#.

A very successful first day outside on the patio on their 4 week birthday. Everyone loved it and stayed out well past dark.

Introduced the pups to the grass area outside and they LOVED it. After all the excitement it was time for a deep sleep. Keep checking back for updates and friend me on Facebook for more pictures.