Jo-C's Pup

Jo-C and Evan's Pup

Jo-C gave birth to a singleton - one tri female puppy. She is proving to be a fiesty girl and a very good eater.

Here are some pictures of her first 2 days.

Our puppy continues to do very well, she is gaining about an ounce a day, today she weighed in a 11.2 oz. up 4 full ounces in her first week.

Puppy continues to gain an ounce a day - 13.8 oz. today.

Puppy is going great - she doubled her birth weight in less than 10 days and here she is at 11 days is is 16.1 oz. Trying to think of a name for her - Bob thought Chanel. Any ideas?

It's been a while since I've updated Chanel's progress - mainly because I loaned my camera to my friend so no pictures, but she's doing great. She is almost 4 lbs. on her one month birthday. She's able to get in and out of the whelping box by herself and runs around the room. She's got a full mouth of teeth so Momma Jo-C doesn't want her nursing that much. Canel doesn't really enjoy her food - a bit of puppy kibble softened, baby cereal, baby beef, yoghurt and water.

Sorry for the lapse in information but without having a camera I figured I would wait and update the site once I had new pictures. Chanel is now 5-1/2 weeks old, just about 6 lbs. and has a fabulous personality. She is eating well, mostly canned but loves to join her momma and helps her eat her meals. She ventured outside for the first time on January 24th and did great.

She immediately pottied, then ventured down to visit with the big dogs.

Inside she has the run of the house several times a day for exercise and loves to pick up toys and walk around with them. Jo-C continues to be very watchful of what she does and what she gets into.