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Is there difference between a
"Good" Dog Food and a "Not So Good" Dog Food?

The answer to that question is YES!

Like many pet owners we always thought that most dog foods were the same. We tried to feed our dogs what we thought was the best food, based on the ads we saw on television, in newspapers, and what the “big box” pet stores carried.

All this changed when a friend showed me an article in Whole Dog Journal on Top Dog Foods for Total Wellness. Was that an eye opener for me! Copies of the article can be obtained at The Whole Dog Journal

After reviewing the article (several times) and speaking to a number of food vendors at various dog shows, we decided to become a retailer and try to get these pet foods to those who want to feed their pets a better quality pet food. Our philosopy is that we would not sell any product that we would not feed to our pets.

Some of the lines we offer (alphabetical order) are:

Evanger's, in business since 1935 and like Fromm, EVO, California Natural and Healthwise, it is made in the U.S.A. with products from the U.S.A.

Fromm, in business since 1904. We feed our puppies Fromm Puppy Gold exclusively. We find it produces great bone, a beautiful coat and is easy to digest.

NaturaPet, MARS now owns this line and makes California Natural, EVO & Healthwise.

Wysong, in business since 1979 and produces a wide range to foods for various stages of life.

There are many, many more foods that have been approved by The Whole Dog Journal that I can also get. Just call me if you are looking for a specific brand.

SUPPLEMENTS: One of the newest supplements we carry is Inflight Coat Formula. After Gucci had her pups in 2012 we found her coat was not bouncing back like we expected so we put her on Inflight. Within 10 days the quality of her coat had changed from dry straw to a healthy, silky feel and within 3 weeks we saw visible coat growth. Biotin & kelp are the two major ingredients that produce this great coat growth. Inflight Coat Formula

We also carry Vegetarian Blend Kelp. Using only the highest quality kelp from Norway and combining it with a natural nutritional yeast formula made from organically grown vegetables, this blend contains over 13 vitamins, 60 major and trace chelated minerals and 20 key animo acids. This product is great for coat quality and allergies. It also comes in a granular formula which contains no vitamins and minerals.

The newest product we have trialed, been very impressed with, and are now carrying is Proden Plaque Off. This product works with your pet's saliva and dissolves plaque. We could see results after 3 weeks of use.

If you want the best for your dog or cat, please contact us for more information on these and other fine pet products.

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