Haley's Pup

Haley and Grady's 2016 Litter

Haley's pedigree

Grady's pedigree

Pup's pedigree

This repeat litter produced 5 awesome pups. 4 sable males, and 1 sable female. All but one were white factored and beautifully marked. Like Haley's last litter these pups are big and healthy! After 3 days, it was discovered that Ava, who had given birth to 1 puppy the same day, had a problem with her milk so we put her singleton with Haley. Because of this I have included the information on that litter on this page. Thanks to Connie DuBois and her sister Karen, they looked after this litter for the 2 weeks we were away. They were very impressed with the activity and appetites.

At 3 weeks of age they returned to our house and are pups are doing really well, they have an area outside the whelping box to explore, they have learned how to get in and out of the whelping box. In a few days we'll introduce them to softened food. Their first venture into the backyard was a roaring success. We normally do this around 4 weeks of age depending on weather. I introduced a lot of different activities and toys to this litter which helps them get used to different noises, textures, etc.