Gucci's Pup

Gucci's 2012 Litter

Gucci's pedigree


Pup's pedigree

Gucci gave us 5 gorgeous pups. 4 males and 1 female. .

On day 4 they are all doing very well, gaining a bit of weight each day.

Day 5 pictures - sleeping in their warming box, side by side nursing, and all 5 resting after a good feeding.

Day 6 and everyone is doing great, moving around the whelping box more. Gucci is getting used to their movements & is being a very good mom.

Day 7 - one week, how time has flown. A few have doubled their weights, others are close to it after just 7 days.

Day 10 - all have doubled their weight. Moving around the whelping box a lot. The center 2 pictures are of the female - taken from both sides. She is the biggest and most active right now.

We are 3 weeks old now, eating solid food. Getting lots of visitors

Having howling contests Sleeping in awkward places

And being introduced to new toys, most of which we sleep on.

We all have our eyes open and are getting sharp teeth.

Because of our teeth, our mommy Gucci is happy we are eating solid food so in another week or so she won't need to feed us.

The pups are now 5 weeks old and have been introduced to the outside. They are eating Fromm Puppy Gold, some softened, mixed with a bit of goats milk and eating every bit we give them.