Dovey's Pups

Dovey's Pups

Congratulations to all the new moms & dads who now have a new addition to their families.

Thank you for making one of Dovey's pups a member of your family.

Dovey's & Orion's pups are here and all are doing well. She had 5 girls, 1 tri factored sable, 1 white factored/tri factored sable, 1 white factored sable merle, 1 white factored blue merle & 1 tri. A rainbow of colors! Everyone is tired but here's a pics to entice you!

Pups continue to gain weight and move around (a lot!) Dovey's milk came in and boy could you tell it had - although the pups were suckling you couldn't hear any swallowing sounds. All of a sudden you could hear that and their little tails were poker straight behind their bodies. Here's a few more pictures. Enjoy!

What to do on a rainy day? Curl up with a friend.

As you can see, the pups are doing great. All are gaining weight, they are moving around the whelping box really well. The tri seems to have learned how to bark!

Weights continue to increase, a couple are almost double their birthrate. They are starting to move with more stability around the whelping box, even trying to climb over Dovey's back. Also seeing more confidence in their surroundings and sleeping on their backs with all 4 legs in the air.

Dovey's pups continue to grow like weeds. They are walking with more stability and it appears they are starting to hear as they turn their heads to noise. We're watching for those eyes to open any day now.

"Can you hear me now?" Not only can they hear us when we walk into the room, but their eyes are open! They are walking around their whelping box really well. We've had to raise the protective "pig" rail because they are getting so big. Found one the other day with it's front paws up on the rail. Pretty soon we'll have to raise the side that's lowered so they can't escape. A little late, but here are some 2 week portraits. I hope you enjoy them.

What an exciting couple of days! Saturday we were allowed out of our whelping box for the first time and did we have fun! Lots more room to roam, paper to pee on and shred. If Mom wants to hide from us, she has to go back into the whelping box. Sunday we were given our first solid food - yummy! We ate it all up and then tried to lick it off of each other. We made a mess but it was fun. Also on Sunday one of us was introduced to a 2 legged baby who was very gentle. Here we are just over 3 weeks old and see how much we have grown.

We have teeth! Lots and lots of sharp little teeth. We are also eating 3 times a day because we are getting so big that we are draining our mom's milk very quickly. In a few days we will venture out onto the patio for our first taste of fresh air. In the meantime as you can see from these pictures we are having fun playing on the newspapers.

We continue to gain weight, we love the cereal we are getting. In a few days we'll get to go outside to the patio - in the cooler parts of the day. We started playing with toys today.

Lots has been happening these last few days. We ventured outside to the patio for the first time and love it. We actually slept outside Saturday night. We are also starting to eat softened Innova Puppy food along with smaller amounts of baby cereal and baby beef. Most of us are over 4 lbs. so it seems we love our food. Sometimes we don't even want to leave the food bowl and just fall asleep in it. Another favorite resting spot is over the "pig rail" in our whelping box which we don't go in much anymore.

Boy have we had a couple of exciting days! We were allowed to roam the house and we were really good, we didn't mess anywhere! We even discovered where our food is stored and tried to chew our way into it.

Then we were introduced to the backyard, met our daddy & even played with Claire's pups who are a little younger than us.