Crystal's x David's Pups

Crystal's x David's 2019 Litter

Crystal's pedigree

David's pedigree

Pup's pedigree

Crystal gave birth to her second litter - 7 beautiful pups July 16, 2019 (our Apollo litter)* via c-section - a Sable female, a Sable male and 5 tris - 3 males & 2 females. All had good birth weights. Due to complications Crystal was not able to nurse after the 2nd day so this litter has been hand raised - and what a labor of love that has been for team Creston Collies - Katrina Warsick stayed for over 2 weeks and between her, my husband & I we fed these 7 hungry pups around the clock! Crystal was allowed to be with her babies to help clean and to bond with them. She is such a good momma.

Eyes opened right about day 14 so they were introduced to solids (baby cereal, meat and formula) on August 1 and as teeth came in softened puppy kibble was added. They are great eaters which we are thankful for. They outgrew their whelping box around their 3rd week so were given the run of the room and eventually the hallway. Because of the hot Florida summer we held off letting them go onto the patio until about August 15 and then only first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

* As these pups were born 50 years after the launch of Apollo 11 for the historic Moon Walk, we decided to name each of the pups after something significant to this. So we have: Eagle, Neil, Aldrin, Apollo for the boys and Collins, Morgan and Tranquility for the girls.

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