Crystal's x Myle's Pups

Crystal's x Myle's 2018 Litter

Crystal's pedigree

Myles's pedigree

Pup's pedigree

Crystal gave birth to her first litter - 4 big beautiful pups January 24, 2018, a Blue Merle female, a Sable Merle male and 2 tris - a male & female. Good birth weights 9.5 oz and up. Thanks to Connie DuBois (who co-owns Crystal with me & Dr. Cindi Bossart) and her sister Karen for birthing this litter. Crystal and her pups came home to Creston Collies at the age of 3 weeks. They integrated with Rainey's pups excellently. They are huge pups - I think Crystal has buttermilk! They were introduced to solids (cereal, baby meat & formula) and did great. They have advanced to softened kibble along with cereal & formula. All have eyes opened, lots of sharp little teeth and loud barks. Check back for more pictures and updates.